Colombarium History


A Brief History

In 1977 the Church of the Epiphany explored the possibility of a Columbarium on Parish grounds.  It was to be within 15 feet of the property line, which required a variance from the Town of Southbury, but opposition to the plan caused the variance to be withdrawn.

Plans for the Columbarium were then revised and a second variance was granted for 52 niches by the town of Southbury on June 7, 1983.  Construction began in 1984 by Sinopoli Contractors, and in the late 1990’s an extension to accommodate 190 additional niches were added.

The Columbarium is approximately three feet wide and two and a half feet from ground level; the exterior is faced with the same Roxbury granite as the church and is topped with flagstone.  The area around the Columbarium is landscaped in keeping with the dignity of the site.  The cross above the Columbarium is in Memory of Ernest Staub, a longtime member and warden of the church.  The church hall is named in his honor.

In 2011 a redesign was initiated by Mr. Mervyn Clay.  It provided the means for an extensive revision of the landscaping, installing  new flagstone pavers, arbor, benches and plantings.  The work was done in memory of his parents who are interred in the columbarium.