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Church of the Epiphany
   January 2019   

Sacred Stitchers:  Janet Byrnes 

Formerly known as the Prayer Shawl ministry at the Church of the Epiphany, this group consists of four women who knit and crochet shawls for those in need of spiritual uplifting.  While making the shawls, prayers are being said for healing for the potential receiver of the shawl.  This ministry also makes baby blankets, toddler crib-sized blankets, pocket prayer shawls and most recently, blankets and hats for the still-borns at Danbury Hospital.  The group considers it a blessing, as knitters, to be able to do this.  As they say, "Knitting is a prayer and craft in spiritual practice."


Music Committee:  Beverly Hall

Prayer Chain:  Janet Byrnes

Sandwich Brigade:  Darlene Lahoud

Card Ministry:  Mandi Gerwien